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Deceased Marine Leaves Friends Gambling Money to Enjoy in Vegas

It’s not often that you hear about a person who has died leaving their friends thousands and thousands of dollars in their will to be used for the purpose of enjoying a gambling holiday, but that’s exactly what the late Royal Marine David Hart did.

British Royal Marine David Hart died tragically in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan last year.  Although he was only the young age of 23 when he was killed, Hart had taken out a life insurance policy prior to heading to Afghanistan and knew exactly what he wanted to do with his money in the event of his death.  While a large chunk of it (nearly $81,500) was donated to charity, and he had left money to his family, what is truly unique is that Hart left $163,000 for 32 of his friends to enjoy a gambling holiday in Las Vegas.

In July of this year, Hart’s group of friends made the decision to carry out his final wish and took a gambling trip to Vegas just as he had wanted them to.  Upon their return, Hart’s friends reported that they had an awesome time in America’s famous Sin City and that they enjoyed every minute of a trip that they will never forget.

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